Thoughts on God Tricks's Bounty Hunter?

I’m looking at the Bounty Hunter by God Tricks and it looks pretty good and the price is attractive too. Does anyone have any thoughts on this yo-yo and God Tricks in general?


I just got one today. So far I really like it. Big and wide great catch zone. Little vibe but nothing crazy and the price is awesome.

That was yours?

The Bounty Hunter and Evolution are two I’m interested in. I like V-type shapes. The price for the Bounty Hunter seems pretty reasonable.

Ya that was mine

After I wrote my first response I spent about 4 hours throwing the bounty hunter and I like it even more. It can handle all the tricks I throw at it and then some. Was able to some horizontal with ease which I have never been good at plays fast on the string. If your thinking about it I don’t think you will be disappointed. Going to have to write a full review on this thing because it needs more hype for the price it is and the way it plays.

How is the company in general.

Looks to be a good company I only have the one yoyo from them but everything about it look quality.

I just received my God Trick’s Bounty Hunter about… a week or two ago? And (mind me, the only other two yo-yos I own are the Yomega Dash and Duncan Pro-Z) I’d say it plays pretty well, especially compared to my “collection”. On a good throw, it plays pretty well, not really much vibe (haven’t really played with enough yo-yos to distinguish good vibe). The walls are very low, enough so I could pick out knots without taking apart the yo-yo. Fits nicely in the hand, the deep v has good contours, and it has an excellent catch zone. The bearing mine came with is pretty standard (came with a concave [not belonging to a specific brand]). Might just be the bearing, but the bearing seat was kind of tight when first removing the bearing. IRG isn’t deep enough to thumb grind. I’m not really a pro and grinding, so I can’t tell you much there. Plays well fast and slow. From what I’ve heard and seen, plays well horizontally as well (again, not much experience there). I’m still new to yo-yoing, and it’s pretty intermediate-friendly, but I’m sure I could get a whole lot more out of it if I was better.