God Tricks

So, I’m waiting for a package (it’s been like 5 minutes since I ordered it…) of the God Tricks Freedom. There isn’t a review on the internet, can anyone gives me a heads up on this thing?

Based on reviews, God Tricks an Asian company that sells budget yoyos. Their throws are very underated and are good for their price.

My son had a bounty hunter played well for the price. I had an issue with extremely tight bearing seat. I hope the same doesn’t happen to you

Pretty much this. :wink: My Destiny plays just as good as some of my $100+ throws, if not better. Only issue is grinds, but that’s not a big deal in my books.

Would definitely be a company I’d buy from again, which says a lot.

If it’s anything like the Destiny, you will have no regrets buying it.

I have a bounty hunter i love the thing. great strong spin. only problem is that it does have a pretty tight bearing seat but that doesn’t bother me.