whats your goal in yoyoing? ;D

To have fun.

C-c-c-combo breaker!

To fun have.

Secondary- learn every single trick on this website, become famous, then at the climax of my career, I mysteriously disappear…

Ok, mine is also to fun have, but I really think Samad is the funniest person that I’ve never met.

To have fun, as others said. Also, to inspire other kids to yo-yo, and meet new people through yo-yoing.

Mainly for fun.

Also, to win 4th place in Singapore’s West Coast Classic contest :stuck_out_tongue:

why not try to get 1st or 2nd

You haz not met meh b4 tho noobcakes. Rolfcopter.


Of course to have fun but I’d like to acheive the whiping and slack skills of Augie… I think that is soo awesome…

And It would be cool to go pro as well

Hopefully I can get some tutorials up for you. I’d be SO inspired to see people learning my tricks and expanding on them. :slight_smile:

PS, I tried responding to your pm, but the website wasn’t loading correctly. I’ll try again later dude.

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i would love those tutorials and i think there was a problem with the traffic on the website or something

YAY! I can’t wait. Hey Augie, I learned your trick and it was awesome, your whip combo at 0:41:

Happy Throwing! =]

Man, I just can’t figure out that whip… I almost have that 1.5 suicide down at about 0:25 or so…

Soo Augie, what’s your goal in yoyoing?