(JosephP) #1

whats your goal in yoyoing? ;D

(J. Lev) #2

To have fun.




C-c-c-combo breaker!

To fun have.


Secondary- learn every single trick on this website, become famous, then at the climax of my career, I mysteriously disappear…

(Jesse) #7

Ok, mine is also to fun have, but I really think Samad is the funniest person that I’ve never met.

(SR) #8

To have fun, as others said. Also, to inspire other kids to yo-yo, and meet new people through yo-yoing.


Mainly for fun.

Also, to win 4th place in Singapore’s West Coast Classic contest :stuck_out_tongue:


why not try to get 1st or 2nd


You haz not met meh b4 tho noobcakes. Rolfcopter.


(Mitch) #12

Of course to have fun but I’d like to acheive the whiping and slack skills of Augie… I think that is soo awesome…

And It would be cool to go pro as well


Hopefully I can get some tutorials up for you. I’d be SO inspired to see people learning my tricks and expanding on them. :slight_smile:

PS, I tried responding to your pm, but the website wasn’t loading correctly. I’ll try again later dude.


i would love those tutorials and i think there was a problem with the traffic on the website or something


YAY! I can’t wait. Hey Augie, I learned your trick and it was awesome, your whip combo at 0:41:

Happy Throwing! =]

(Mitch) #16

Man, I just can’t figure out that whip… I almost have that 1.5 suicide down at about 0:25 or so…

Soo Augie, what’s your goal in yoyoing?