Go Big!

Hey everyone i a practicing offstring and i really need a go big is there any contests or giveaways or is anyone selling one by chance for like $15 if you are i wouldneed some time t get the money but is there anything or way for me to get one?



Check out the bst. I know its not a go big but I saw an aquarius for like $12 the other day. You might even be able to find a go big for the price you want.

How good is the aquarius? is it oversized also can i have a link?

They have been discontinued. They are great through. I have 4 of them. I actually prefer these over the GoBig mostly because they are cheap, can take a beating, have rubber rims and I don’t have to worry much about them.

However, the Go Big is nice too. But again, given the choice, I’d go with the Fiesta XX. But don’t let my preferences skew your preferences. I’ve also seen people bring different yoyos. At CalStates, I think this one kid had like 5 different off-strings. Of course, Ben Conde only used his signature Go Big and Bryan Figueroa used his signature Fiesta XX. I think Jayyo brought up like 5 or 6 Hayabusas to the stage with him.

You don’t have to match, but I think doing so is the best idea. You want uniformity and have all yoyos at around the same performance levels: bearing matching, matching response system.

To save money, don’t get the special edition units. After that, I do recall seeing stuff on BST. You may have to trade some stuff to get what you need if your have issue with funds.

I found a bst with both a fiesta and aqua of you are interested in those. They are both great off strings.
There is no listed price but don’t be afraid to offer what you can.

the way I see it, the aquarius is kind of the predecessor of the go big. They’re about the same size and shape, and both have the big rubber rims. The go big is just like the modernized version of it.
the aquarius is a good yoyo though. I started with one, and it worked great.
A few differences between the two though, the aquarius uses a size b bearing, while the go big uses a normal size c.
the I don’t really know what the aquarius response is. I guess the rubber itself? the gap size? I’m not sure. but the go big uses normal silicone pads.
and there are probably weight differences and such.