I just bought the go big two days ago and now when i play it its grabbing alot, which didnt happen yesterday when i bind it, it gets a knot and everytime i bind i get a knot. Its not like the small knots that you can untie with a throw, ts the big knots which you have to take apart the yoyo to fix it. Dont tell me i broke my yoyo again, i already broke a fiesta. This is really frustrating me, please help

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Knots are a result of user error, not of a broken yoyo.

You may be using to large of a loop when binding. Try a smaller loop or less string.


Also, the reponse always fall off


did you get it wet? response shouldnt come off unless your messing with it and maybe you didnt screw the yoyo in all the way or the string is not on the bearing. check your sting, but if the response is falling off the string is going to get nots get some new response!


I was having this issue with the Fiesta XX and Go Big(and Aquarius). Those knots requiring me to take it apart.

I worked on nothing but throw and bind for 3 days. Problem solved. Issue with how much string I was feeding the bind. I knew it was some mechanical error I was making. Please note I will blame some shortcoming of my technique and skill before I go blaming the yoyo. So far, it’s always been a “me” problem, not a problem with the yoyo.

Also, try a thinner string. What string are you using? I find a standard thickness Type 6 string works best for me and off-strings.

Also, there’s not a real good reason why the pads should be falling out unless they got wet or lube got on them, and the Go Big bearing needs a major CLEANING and then a very teeny, tiny lube for best performance, at least that’s my experience. Also, since it can take standard YYJ pads, just silicone it.

It will be interesting to see how long this Go Big lasts in your hands.