Big Yo 2 Response

Hi guys,

Thought I’d post here since I’ve fiddled with my Big Yo 2 on my own without success.

Just wondering if there are any tips for getting better response from this throw? Since getting the yoyo I’ve had issues with the response system. When fully screwed together, the response system grips so tightly that I can’t even throw the yoyo - it just catches and flies back toward my face. On the flip side, if I loosen the yoyo to a point where I can throw it successfully, the response system just will not grab the string at all, and I can’t bind return. The other issue with loosening the yoyo is that the halves turn slightly as I throw, messing up the gap width anyway.

Does anyone have experience with the Big Yo 2, or any tips to even out the response?

Try putting some teflon tape on the axle to tighten it up.