GM2 vs Superstar


Hello Ive always wanted a 88 but I wanna be different and get one that not so popular.

But i cant decide from the GM2 or the Superstar.

I like a yo-yo which is good for whips, grinds, good sleep time, im only 1a so yea.

Please tell me which one you think is better for the things above.



(Chris Allen) #2

Both of them are fantastic for everything you listed.


I would have to agree with dryoyo, but in my opinion I would have to go with the superstar. And I do have to say that the 888, the grind machine, and the superstar are actually all quite popular. So if you are looking for something less popular, you might want to consider looking at other yoyos.


Ok, i would say gm2 wins grinds and hubstacks sleep. Superstar wins whips bcause of the shape and tied in throw sleeper time… thats just my guess…


I liked the SuperStar a lot more when I tried it.


Ok, go with samad… i was just guessing… and this post isnt very necciary