Glow in the Dark String?

I want to make glow in the dark string. Does anyone have any idea what would work to achieve this?

I was thinking about buying a 100 pack of Poly white string, buying some of that stupid glow in the dark hair gel from from Hot Topic and mix em.

Anyone have other ideas?

Glow in the dark thread…

I want to dye the string, not make it :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW this is for personal use, not to sell -.-

Oh… then I don’t know. But you actually did say that you wanted to make glow in the dark string.

Try it out

Its worth a shot.

Let us know how it works :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: my bad. That’s why I specified in the second post :smiley:

You would have to do it more so on cotton than ploy string. I tried to dye some white strings and they don’t accept coloring as well as cotton.

But in all reality, glowing thread would be the most effective way. $6 for 100 yds at kmart or thread stores

I havE a black light. I was also thinking of getting those glow In the dark bracelets and soak the string in that.

If you go to yoyoGstring, I’m sure they sell packs of GITD string.

i didnt see anything 4 that

I ended up making my own string. Plays great in the dark. All i need now is a Starlite :smiley:

My thought would be to buy a pack of glow sticks and then poke a hole in the side with a safty pin(Be careful the glow stuff is poison and when you poke the holle in it it will pray out a little) wipe the glow stick stuff all overr the stringg let it sit 4 about 2 hours vand then reapply the glow stuff.

            I did this with my YYF Starlight and let5 me tell you it looks pretty awesome! ;D

If i remember right theres a way to mix phosferus and bleach and somethin else and it makes a glow in the dark dye… do some googling and you’ll find something