glow in the dark string!?!?

ok so me and my friend might be in out school’s talent show, So we think it would be cool with glow in the dark string! so is there some liguid we could dip white strings in and will make them glow? will white strings show up the Brightest?

It is easier to just buy glow in the dark string. The stuff you put on it will rub off and get every where. If you are wanting to get some let me know i make limited runs of it.

GlowDoug makes glow string.

where can you get the glow thread for the strings!

Jo-Ann’s or any other fabric store.

Just eat the sausage, dont worry about how its made…

I need worry if i make the sausage.


yeah. . . so if i ordered white strings could i just soak them in that glowing stuff?? were could i get that glowing liquid stuff?