hey everyone, i know it’s possible to make a string glow in the dark, but what do you think is the best way???

Buy the glow g strings.

Black lights are pretty fun… :slight_smile:

Buy glow in the dark polyester thread.

Glow in the dark fabric paint watered down and dip the strings in it

this would probably be the cheapest way.
Glow in the dark thread is expensive for a small amount. I was able to make 3 or 4 strings with a spool that cost a couple dollars. Just pain the string, then charge it using uv light.

I’m pretty sure you are supposed to mix it with white thread

Probably. It would have been much cheaper. haha
but I was quite new to string making, and I wasn’t too worried about it. I’m never yoyoing in the dark, so no need for glow string really.

UV lights. You can get all sorts of neat glow colours. Orange strings under UV lights look amazing.


As do yellow and green. There is this yocala string pops so much under black lights.

Agreed with the dark light. You can get them at Wal*Mart and so forth… compact fluorescent bulbs (the kind that fit in normal bulb sockets) are about $4.50 CDN and will last 7 years. They don’t have superior range, so if you can find two or a more powerful fluorescent-based one, that’ll probably be better; however, just one of the small ones will still do “something”.