glow in the dark string?

i need glow in the dark string. anybody have any? or is able to make them!!!

You can ask Jeromy or Empirestrings. Both of them do make strings, but I am not completely sure if they make glow string or not. But you will probably find out about that when you ask them.

Yes! Jeromy does make Glow In the Dark Perfect Fit String! It plays exactly the same as normal PFS, but can glow  :wink: I’m sure he will sell you a bunch cheap, so you can send him a private message here:;u=262

wow,I didnt know they could glow,Im going to try to make mine glow

Hey GMuser, check out an arts and crafts store near you or go to a fabric store and look for moonglow thread. Its expensive and the spools are small but its so cool to play with. I sometimes make 50/50 with fluorescent colors and play near a blacklight. It looks so cool.


yeah i was gonna say…you can actually just use your regular string under a blacklight and it looks sick…trust me.

My glow in the dark string, crappy vid. Cam is only 30 fps. I tried to slo mo the tricks but it stinx, anyway, enjoy.

For those that asked I’ll have some made at the end of next week Green and Blue. Yah they will be PFString.