Glow in the Dark String

Ok, so I’m on a search for some glow in the dark string. I know that Jeromy K. makes glow in the dark PF string, but I want some full polyester glow in the dark string. Is this possible? If you can make some, please tell me if you would make some for me. I want to make a glow 4a video with my glow in the dark Big Yo and it really wouldn’t be as cool without glow string. Thanks!


Try cracking thr glow stick juice out of it, and put it in the string.

Let it dry.

I did this with my sweatshirt, and we were playing Hide and Go Seek in the dark, I didn’t notice it, and I got caught every time. :frowning:

I think I might try that…

pm jeromy k. he sells glow in the dark perfect fit string. here is his acccount:;u=262

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I need that string for my Glow in the dark yo-yo. :stuck_out_tongue:

On you can get a ton of colors of 100% ploy glow in the dark thread. Hella expensive though. It’s like 4.79 for 100 yds which would make you 5 pieces. PLUS SHIPPING :0


However, It would definitely be worth paying that b/c if you bought a glow yoyosam FHZ and glow string and silicone recessed that FHZ and washed the beariing…Oh My Lord…That would be so SEXY at night!

It might distract you and cause you to ding your yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I make this string but like it has been said already… it is expensive. The thread used to make this string is very expensive and therefore the finished string is too. I thought that you might want to see pictures anyway.

Off Topic-- I got some glow in the dark string recently, i played with it in pitch black darkeness and it was really hard.

It actually isn’t hard…if your yoyos glow in the dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t see your yoyos, bts much harder.

The last post in this thread before you made your post was July 23. That’s a month ago, please don’t necro. I am sure the original poster solved his problem already.

BTW, I think gm user makes glow in the dark Element Strings.

One month is hardly a necro. I don’t think its a big deal. Also it was his first post here and you are telling what yto do. Nice welcome.

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Yeah. He’s new here.

Yeah guys I got some 100% Poly Glow String from Jeromy K.

Hey Buddy, Thanks for the lesson in Forum etiquette. I’ll certainly keep it (you) in mind. As far as being new here… yeah I’m new here but not new to yoyoing or yoyo forums. Lets just hope that you’re not the voice or mindset of this forum. I also find it rather ironic that you lecture me about posting a necro and then go ahead and throw in a little follow up “BTW” information. That’s real smooth. Thanks for the special welcome, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

haha Easy there Doug. lol Most of these kids are very young. I gotta get someof your strings for my new glow FHZ! Glow vid sometime after I get those strings!!