Glow in the dark string for Halloween (Advice)

I was wondering if the best way to make a temporary glow in the dark string would to take a glowstick and put the liquid on the string? If you have better suggestions please help me.


Don’t you think it will make the string sticky?

maybe i don’t know any other way do you have any ideas?

G String makes some Glow in the Dark string if you just want to go that route.

A blacklight lamp and neon string will also probably work

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Thx ill try that ;D

First off the chemicals in a glow stick are toxic…I don’t suggest doing that. It will bleed onto your clothes, fingers, and the yoyo itself.

Overall, don’t do that. Bad idea. Find some glow string or just use a UV Lamp.

You can use highlighter and white string and UV lamp as well.