Gizzyo's New Cotton/Poly Blend String.

First off I’d like to thank gizzyo for giving me the oportunity to test these strings. Second I’m going top sum how these strings play in one sentance. Highlights tweaked closer to Perfection.
Customer Service: Normally I don’t a section about this but I was so imppressed I felt it neccisary. There was a wide varity of possibilities just from cotton/poly blend. I could choose between thick/thin, 50/50 or 30/70 c/p blend, righty/lefty, what colors I wanted, weather or not I wanted the slipknot pretied, and he even took the time to ask how long I wanted them so he could twist to the right length. I tell you the resaults paid off (for referance I chose thick 30/70 and that will be the one I’m reviewing).

Packiging: Nothing special, envelope, and a note about the string. The colorway was really nice. I chose a white with sky blue mix. Looks wonderful.

Play: As I said before they play a lot like highlights, except a little better in almost every way. They keep tension very well. Not as well as I expected but still wonderful. If you’ve played with hightlights (most of you probably have) that makes things simple. They are a little heavier, a little fluffier, keep tension a good bit better I think, last a good bit longer, have slightly better suicides, a little slipperier, and carry whips a little better too. Now, the only problem is they fail terribly in humidity. I didn’t expect much from string with cotten in it as cotton plays quite badly in humidty. They are also quite bouncy, feels like the yoyo is swinging through, provideing a very smooth play expiriance.

Thanks for the review. I am glad you liked the string. I guess I have to teach my cotton thread to like the humidity. :smiley:


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