Frozen Fire string review?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is a review on Titanium221’s polly/nylon yoyo string called “Frozen Fire yoyo string”. Before I start I should tell you the kind of player I am to better educate you on this amazing string. I am at the master level on this site, like technical kinds of tricks, and some lacerations and hooks.

Let me start off with my first impressions:
These strings are VERRY colorful, they are thinner than my old string, yoyo jam 100% polyester yoyo string, and they have an almost silky feel to them. All in all I was pleased with what I was seeing, and it had more to show.

After about an hour or so of play these things held up well, I haven’t had to replace my string yet, and I’m not seeing any signs of ware on them. I would have to replace my old ones like every 20 or so minutes. They hold tension extremely well (I don’t know what people were saying about string tension problems, these were fine). As an added bonus these things didn’t take a second to “break in” which is handy if you just want to grab an extra while on the go.

After a few days of play I pretty much back up what I said before about the string. They can easily complete almost any trick you throw at it with ease. The only thing you have to remember is if you have a weak bind (or your still learning) this may not be the best for you because it’s thinner and takes more string for it to catch (it took me a little while to get used to this).

Now I know that many people cough Pheenex coughdon’t like this rating system but personally, I think it is a valuable tool when used correctly. I think the reason for this dislike is that there is no comparative so the 9/10 doesn’t mean anything, but I have a solution for this. I am going to give the yyj 100% polly string a 5/10 for everything and compare it to that.

It lasted over 3 times as long as my yyj’s so I think this is a fair rating.

Technical/Fast tricks
It performed all of the tricks I could do before a little faster due to the smooth feel to it.

This is not my strongest point so I really don’t have many tricks to base this off of but it holds tension much better so that is why I give it a slightly better rating.

This is one of the many areas where this string excels, it is thinner and that allows it to cut through the air much quicker therefore allowing you to use pinpoint accuracy to land your tricks.

Final Thoughts:
This is a must have string for any experienced player who wants a string that is; long lasting, poly/nylon, silky fast, or has tight binds. All in all, a good looking string for a(hopefully) good looking yoyo.


That is a great review, but have you tried strings like Perfect Fit or Element to compare them yo as well
or even a more common string like yyn highlights

i have but its been a while so i just decided to compare it to what ive been using recently

makes sense. because you dont want to go off memory because not everyones is the best.(Mine.)

Yeah really good review. Definitely will consider it next time I’m looking to buy string. Wouldn’t mind seeing an element string review. =)

Well you certainly didn’t use it correctly. Ratings don’t really tell readers anything because it’s used in so many different ways and being biased at the same time. If your review is detailed and explaining, there shouldn’t be a need for any ratings. The readers should be able to make up their own opinion about the product, which is very important due to the many different preferences.

Now on to the other criticism I have. There seems to be a lot of text, but most of it isn’t really about the way the string plays. You used three paragraphs t osay that the string is thin, lasts long and can do tricks. Try to make something out of the text you put with the ratings, you were on to something there.

Now you had a big chance to prove that those ratings could actually be for the better, and I must admit, I did expect something with that intro to it, but then the ratings themselves disappointed.

Also some grammar/spelling mistakes here and there, but that happens all the time.

Thanks for the review!!! ;D