Frozen Fire String Review

Hello guys and welcome to another one of my amazing not very long reviews! Today I shall be reviewing “Frozen Fire” strings made by Titanium. I asked if I could review his strings and he sent me 2 of his tighter strings. They arrived today and I finally got to try them. Onto the review!

These strings look great, they are shiney, and even after hours of play they still remain shiney. I was hoping to get some green but I got blue which is still fine with me, my P2 is green/blue!

The strings are a perfect length for me. The loop was pre-tied and was exactly the right length as the string I had on. If your taller then 5’ 2" I dont think these strings will be long enough though, I recommend you make longer strings for taller epople Titanium ;).

These strings are like every single G-string I tried put together! Right when I got it I thought it would super rough because the string is 50/50 poleyester and nylon but it feels as soft as G-string Intentus, not super soft but not rough. The suicides are amazing. The suicide loop is the same, if not bigger than the loop when I use G-string SSE. Strangly when I do suicides the loop is bigger if the string is a little loose but with these strings they have to be a little tighter. I’m not saying this is bad or they need to be looser, I’m justs saying its kinda weird. The whips are terrific, I hit them everytime like I do with G-string CC. I actually hit a double wrist whip on my first try! Jade whips are really good too, hit one on my first try. I only have one problem with the strings, the tension isnt the best. After a couple of missed jade whips the string becomes tangled, not super tangled, but tangled enough that I need to loosen them. I’ve noticed this problem with every part nylon string I tried except GM User’s “Element” String. I think that nylon tends to get very tight soon and since this is 50% nylon, not 20%, it gets tight a little faster. Titanium, if you somehow manage to make these strings keep good string tension, then this IMO will be the godfather of all strings! I recommend you fix the problem and team up with Paul to make a new kind of G-string :D. All in all these are great strings, especially for 50/50 poleyester and nylon, and I definantly recommend these strings! Thats ends yet another string review from me! Look out for my review soon on G-string PX and Regular! Thanks for reading and good bye!

Nice review!

Thanks for the review! I am making the strings taller, and working on the string tension. If you are in terested in buying some, just PM me. Thanks!

Agree. Want to check out Frozen Fire. Thanks for reviewing…

Also these strings do not fray. After 5 hours of play I have yet to see ANY threads sticking out.