Frozen Fire String Review

(Jesse) #1

OK, this is my first review, so cut me some slack. I’m going to do it on Frozen Fire Strings, made by Titanium221.

First Impression (Without Trying):

When I got my envelope I was excited. I couldn’t wait to open them. Once I opened them it was obvious that Titanium221 put a lot of work into each envelope. He provided 2 strings in a nice sized plastic bag. The bag also had a sticker with the Frozen Fire Logo, which looked very cool. He also included a handwritten note. Also, let me just say, these strings look REALLY cool. I mean REALLY cool. It really looks like frozen fire.

After Trying:


They last me probably about a week. Unfortunately, my first one got caught when I was screwing it in and then snapped.

Whips, Lacerations, Slacks, Suicides. I learned Brent Stole and hit it first time! I also hit a Triple Wrist Whip! I can only hit Hidemasa Hook with Polyester if I get lucky, and I hit it almost every time with this.


Bad string tension. You get spaghetti string very fast so you have to be constantly adjusting string tension.

Very slippery. When I do some tricks the slipknot comes off of my finger. This also causes very loose binds and sometimes slippy throws.

In the End:

It is great string to learn Slacks, Whips, Lacerations, and Suicides but I feel it has too much nylon in it which makes it too slippery.

Whoo! My first review is DONE!


Nice Frozen Fire String review. :wink:

How could a string snap if you were screwing a Yo-Yo together?

Did you pull on it?

(JonasK) #3

He said it got caught. Which means that it slipped off the bearing before it was all the way tightened.


Ah, okay.

Thanks. :wink:

(Shisaki) #5

I didnt use mine after a day…the string tension was unbeleivable…you had to adjust it after 3 throws.


That doesn’t sound good. :o

Put a ceramic KonKave in there, do one hard throw, and hope you can do as many tricks as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shisaki) #7

I’m not getting a CKK :stuck_out_tongue: I might as well spend the cash on a PGM!