Frozen Fire String Review

OK, this is my first review, so cut me some slack. I’m going to do it on Frozen Fire Strings, made by Titanium221.

First Impression (Without Trying):

When I got my envelope I was excited. I couldn’t wait to open them. Once I opened them it was obvious that Titanium221 put a lot of work into each envelope. He provided 2 strings in a nice sized plastic bag. The bag also had a sticker with the Frozen Fire Logo, which looked very cool. He also included a handwritten note. Also, let me just say, these strings look REALLY cool. I mean REALLY cool. It really looks like frozen fire.

After Trying:


They last me probably about a week. Unfortunately, my first one got caught when I was screwing it in and then snapped.

Whips, Lacerations, Slacks, Suicides. I learned Brent Stole and hit it first time! I also hit a Triple Wrist Whip! I can only hit Hidemasa Hook with Polyester if I get lucky, and I hit it almost every time with this.


Bad string tension. You get spaghetti string very fast so you have to be constantly adjusting string tension.

Very slippery. When I do some tricks the slipknot comes off of my finger. This also causes very loose binds and sometimes slippy throws.

In the End:

It is great string to learn Slacks, Whips, Lacerations, and Suicides but I feel it has too much nylon in it which makes it too slippery.

Whoo! My first review is DONE!

Nice Frozen Fire String review. :wink:

How could a string snap if you were screwing a Yo-Yo together?

Did you pull on it?

He said it got caught. Which means that it slipped off the bearing before it was all the way tightened.

Ah, okay.

Thanks. :wink:

I didnt use mine after a day…the string tension was unbeleivable…you had to adjust it after 3 throws.

That doesn’t sound good. :o

Put a ceramic KonKave in there, do one hard throw, and hope you can do as many tricks as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not getting a CKK :stuck_out_tongue: I might as well spend the cash on a PGM!