In a yo-yo world where throwers consider an exciting new release another limited edition 888,it is nice to see that someone would take the time to pull some top notch string out of their hats. The format should be cool for laid back cats like J-Rob, but have a hot kick to it that couldn't be found in a volcano wrap, for the uptempo tricks like ladder escape. Well deep inside of Titanium221's mind he was able to find meaning to what I just said and make some slick, tight string that mad highlights look awful. He would appropriately name it "Frozen Fire," and it would break the barriers and start a string revolution. All this may sound like jibberish when you play it back in your mind, but you must understand, I'm at a loss of words after 3 hours of play w/ this string. I see this as not a review, but more as a letter of praise to Titanium221 for brightening my day with some eye-popping string.
                                       Picture in a paragraph (looks.)
 The day started simple, checkin the television every once in a while, trying to avoid another sitcom or talk show. I glanced out the window and saw my mailman leave. Didn't think much of it though, it had only been three days since we agreed that I would test these strings, but sure enough they were there that quick. I rummaged in the mailbox through living magazines and credit card offers until I stumbled upon a package addressed to my brother. So I burnt it. Then i found my package and saw the frozen fire logo on the side and expected just another brand of strings, casually made not to be the best, but just to be decent. Then i opened the package and it was like a halo circled around the envelope. All of the sudden all my emotions improved and I ran and got my superstar, said see yah later to the boring YYN highlights on it, and got busy throwing frozen fire. Heck, I even gotta a thank you letter from Titanium saying how happy he was to have me test him. Well this is my thank you letter to him. The green and blue strings are amazing, the red and blue even more eye dropping, and on the yoyo, they look like fudge on ice cream.
 Everything about its pro. Its made by a pro, for pros and looks pro-nif-i-cent! String tricks are smooth as cadillacs, and suicides open up on demand. If your a speedy thrower, no problem, this string pushes you to go faster and faster until you can't feel your fingers. The string is almost to speedy. Your parents will seek counseling for you, and the energizer bunny would pass out trying to keep up w/ your hands. The secret may lie in the slick yet tight composure of the string. You be the judge!
 Just to short for me. But I don't care I'll throw this string from my knees if I have too. I've also heard from Titanium221 that he plans to make strings for all sizes so if Yao Ming wanted to throw he could. Snap starts can also sometimes be challenging, but don't let the yo-yo die and you won't have to worry about that!!! :)
                                               *Bonus Comparison*
Highlights just don't match up to these strings. They slightly fall shot in every category that gives a string purpose. Kitty string has the slickness, but is missing speed and durability for the ultimate package. To Pat Cuatero, Andre Boulay, or any big time yoyo vendor, Frozen fire is a must for you and your customers. Your face will freeze up when you see how fast they'll be out of stock, and your sales will be hotter than a new peak release. Frozen Fire is a tough name to live up to, but Titanium221 did it by adding every element necessary for a string to be good, and challenging the creativity and overall ability of all throwers.
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You didnt have a problem with stirng tension ???

not really, did i get anything through to anyone w/ review… the strings are straight up awesome!!!

I tested them ;). I need to ask for the good strings ones…

Thank you so much!!! I cant thank you enough for this amazing review! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you! For letting me test these strings!

Funny, I had major string tension problems and they were a little bit too slippery for me.

I dont mind the slippery part, its just the string tension I mind.