Frozen fire string review

I recently bought a 5 pack of multi-color, frozen fire strings from Titanium221, and here is my review! If you don’t feel like reading the WHOLE thing just read from the “overview” paragraph down.

From the mailbox to my kitchen
The Frozen fire string comes in a standard envelope. Inside is a short note from Titanium221 and a small bag labeled, FROZEN FIRE yo-yo strings. The label really helps me because, like the average yo-yoer, I have 50 thousand strings lying around my house.

Wow, from the small bag to your finger these look stunning.  In the bag, they are swirled, giving the strings a vibrant effect. The five different colors go with the color preference of any yo-yoer. The colors are green, yellow, blue, red, and orange, all with a strand of silver nylon giving it a shiny appearance. All the colors are bright and neon with the exception of the blue, which is still a very bright and easy to see string, making any video or performance a success.

And now, Play!
This string plays nice as far as strings go, though the two things it shines at are the sliding across your finger and gyroscopic flops. This string flies across my fingers like it isn’t even there, the nylon helps flow on my finger like no other string I’ve played. It takes every thing I throw at it (which isn’t much), it plastic whips like butter, and combos like lard!  I am about five foot six inches and the string is a perfect length for me, although I like it a little short. The only really thing I don’t like about it is, the string is VERY thin, so, you really need to pay attention when you bind, or else it will not come back.

These are very nice strings; they play well and feel good on your finger. I would recommend these to anyone who wants something fun and challenging. In earlier pictures of frozen fire it looks like there are some string tension problems.  Let me clear this up; the earlier ones look bad but the new ones are just fine, no tension problems other than you have to have the tension just right to do very many whips. I will put the strings on a 1 to 10 scale in the categories: looks, play, challenge, and enjoyment!

Looks: 9/10 they look great, easy to see and fun to look at!

Play: 8.5/10 good feel, but hard to bind and makes for a loose bind

Challenge: 6.5/10 again with the binding

Enjoyment: 10/10 who doesn’t enjoy trying a new string?!

Serious eye candy, good feel, nice on your finger.

Binds are loose and hard to do, so, that’s really all the cons, good all around string.

Thanks for reading!!


Here is Titanium221’s file, just shoot him a PM.;u=950

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Did Titanium fix the tension problems on these things? It seems like this was a huge problem to other testers. And I’ve said this several times, a ranking/scale system is not a good idea.