Giving the Mantis some love


I absolutely love this yoyo. To me, it is the perfect shape, perfect size, perfect weight, perfect weight distribution, comfy, 7075, and just all-around amazing. It is not the most stable yoyo on the planet. Yes, stability is nice, but that’s not what makes a yoyo “good” in my opinion.

This thing is just an all-around fun, solidly designed yoyo. I have a fleeting suspicion that it was a draft of the Dang 2 that after a full production run was made, Paul did not like it as much as he thought he was going to. Instead of deeming that whole process as a waste, they just decided to release it as a limited run. Since the shape is really similar to the Dang 2 and was released just before it. That’s just my theory anyway…

Either way, this thing is in my top 3.


Such a fun throw. Def a favorite.


The Mantis is fantastic.

I got the gold colorway in the mystery buy. As always, OD did a fantastic job with developing a very well balanced…slightly undersized (really more “normal” sized but there are a lot of big throws out there these days) yoyo that does exactly what you would want. My ONLY minor complaint is that I didn’t like the finish that much, but that’s subjective. I tend to like bead-blasted finishes more…personal taste.

Not talked about much…but a solid one in my top five since it’s release.


I even love it aesthetically. It’s so simple. I agree, the finish does get a little annoying especially on a hot summer day when my hands are clammy. But that’s probably the only complaint I have too. So glad I got one