GFX Section On The Forum

We should add a GFX section on the forums below Unrealated Discussion. Any thoughts? Making a GFX section for graphic arts and tutorials. What do you think? ( Especially Spencer L and JM - I can HAz Yo Yo )

The GFX section should include graphic arts, signatures, avatars, and tutorials. We could make a “Official” Free Sig Shop there too (if we can). It would be a great idea to be have a “Graphic’s Team” too.

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Well, I don’t think we should have a whole section about it. (it is pretty cool though)

I think a thread would do just fine.


Thanks, man. We are doing pretty good now. But, yeah, I think that would be cool.

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Hey let’s talk to Andre he would say ok.I think

Alright I contacted Andre about it. I hope it’ll work guys. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we don’t need an entire section. If you want to teach people, just use one thread. It’s a site about yo-yoing, not photoshop tuts. One thread is more than enough.

Andre Approved it. Yay!!! Lets get to work guys. (Spencer L. & JM- I can HAZ Yoyo)


Come on! Just PM JM, Johnny T., and me if you want one! :wink:

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Way to throw my name out there without asking man, Haha. I have several requests I am working on, so please be patient with me.

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So there is going to be a GFX section on the Forum? That’s a little much. I think it should just be one topic.

I know, I know. Team’s official now, but we have all the time we’ll need.

No, there won’t.

Wait, I don’t get it. Is there going to be a section on the Forums for the GFX team? How do you join?

Andre didn’t decide on section or thread yet. So…we’ll just have to wait. Not sure if anyone can join now since we just started. :wink:

Sorry JM but I had to do it. Its for the sake of all those people ( and yoyos) there. ;D

Lol I was just wondering, what does GFX stand for? Does it just stand for Graphics or something?

And can I join the team ;D

Graphics Effects.

I’ve never really got the chance to pick up what this team is.

Info??? PLease??? MTV???


Basically they are a group of people who are known to make signatures.

Cool. I like my signature though.

Who actually made that signature?

Addment: I suspect Kim-Lan.

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