GFX Section On The Forum

(Johnny T) #1

We should add a GFX section on the forums below Unrealated Discussion. Any thoughts? Making a GFX section for graphic arts and tutorials. What do you think? ( Especially Spencer L and JM - I can HAz Yo Yo )

The GFX section should include graphic arts, signatures, avatars, and tutorials. We could make a “Official” Free Sig Shop there too (if we can). It would be a great idea to be have a “Graphic’s Team” too.


Well, I don’t think we should have a whole section about it. (it is pretty cool though)

I think a thread would do just fine.


Thanks, man. We are doing pretty good now. But, yeah, I think that would be cool.


Hey let’s talk to Andre he would say ok.I think

(Johnny T) #5

Alright I contacted Andre about it. I hope it’ll work guys. :slight_smile:


(JM) #7

Yeah, we don’t need an entire section. If you want to teach people, just use one thread. It’s a site about yo-yoing, not photoshop tuts. One thread is more than enough.

(SR) #8

(Johnny T) #9

Andre Approved it. Yay!!! Lets get to work guys. (Spencer L. & JM- I can HAZ Yoyo)



Come on! Just PM JM, Johnny T., and me if you want one! :wink:

(JM) #11

Way to throw my name out there without asking man, Haha. I have several requests I am working on, so please be patient with me.

(SR) #12

So there is going to be a GFX section on the Forum? That’s a little much. I think it should just be one topic.


I know, I know. Team’s official now, but we have all the time we’ll need.

No, there won’t.

(SR) #14

Wait, I don’t get it. Is there going to be a section on the Forums for the GFX team? How do you join?

(Johnny T) #15

Andre didn’t decide on section or thread yet. So…we’ll just have to wait. Not sure if anyone can join now since we just started. :wink:

Sorry JM but I had to do it. Its for the sake of all those people ( and yoyos) there. ;D


Lol I was just wondering, what does GFX stand for? Does it just stand for Graphics or something?

And can I join the team ;D


Graphics Effects.

(JonasK) #18

I’ve never really got the chance to pick up what this team is.

Info??? PLease??? MTV???



Basically they are a group of people who are known to make signatures.

(JonasK) #20

Cool. I like my signature though.

Who actually made that signature?

Addment: I suspect Kim-Lan.