Just wanted to show off my new sig...

Thanks to Gorilla-yo, who did so much with such little guidance. I told him like 3 or 4 things that I wanted on the sig, and he came up with the rest himself. Great job man, you really are creative.

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yeah mine came awesomely too. i asked for black fire but he didnt out it on but it was so awesome i forgot about it

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Wait he just does sigs? I want one!!!

All his sigs are pretty amazing. But I like mine, too. Simple. ;D

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he made mine too. he literaly made EXACTLY what i wanted and i only gave him a few guidelines.get one. like now. like seriously, NOW!!!

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Thanks everybody,
~gorrilla_yo ;D

@king825, Check The Link Bellow my signature, if i’m currently available to make you a sig, i have a long line, so hurry…

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I asked for something with flares coming out of the name and this is the awesomeness he came up with, you did a great job and hope you keep on making them as good as you do now for a long time to come!!!

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hes amazing at making sigz

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How do you put the pic in your signature


ty gorrila yooooooooooooooo


There’s really not much of a need to make a thread about your signature. Everyone’s going to see it anyway. If you really feel so inclined, then put it in the unrelated or artwork section. It doesn’t fit here.


There are many thankyou threads in this section of the forums…Yes, this topic could fit in artwork exhibition, but not in the unrelated Discussion thread…


It actually could. Signatures are unrelated.

You gotta admit your bias though, lol. This thread is about how great you are, so DUH you want it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

it may sound like that, but seriously, it’s not…This has some type of yoyo relevance…delete this thread i don’t care…All i was try to do was state my opinion…

~gorrilla_yo :wink:

And what relevance is that…? It’s just about signatures…

The relevance is that this is a GENERAL yoyo talk…its not like were taking about flowers…I have also stated that this thread also belongs in the ARTWORK EXIHIBITION part of the forums…

I am not one to argue…
I’ve stated my opinion…