New sig.


You like?
Just gotta give a shout out to Gorillayo808. Cuz he made the sig for me.
Thanks again.




Nice. Colors don’t quite match, but it still looks amazing!


yes he makes awesome sigs

(Infinite Chaos) #5

pollo, was yours done by gorilla? the splatter and yoyofactory logo seems to be his signature. :smiley:


yea and i asked him to put the yyf logo on there

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

haha im coming out with another design too


Well I didn’t want them to match actually. I wanted something that would stand out and get your attention.

(Infinite Chaos) #9

sweet can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

(Mikey) #10

Got to get good at siggys! These are amazing!

(Gorrilla_YO) #11

I’m gonna post…a new p
Signature…its gonna be awesome…

(Infinite Chaos) #12


(JackG) #13

yeah you did a good job making the colors look good…
even though they didnt match


This isn’t a thread that can “die” necessarily, but was that post really necessary?

(JackG) #15

i thought it was


Ok, but you said almost exactly what I did. That’s what a thank you is made for.

Not to kill your spirits though. I’m just trying to let everyone know.

(Elzandnoo) #17

wow doug your so popular not


And alex thats why half of your body is gatorade and cool ranch doritos. Shut up scrub