You dig my sig?

Like my signature?

I may start making sigs for people again, heres some that I made a while back.

I like the one you have now. :wink:

How could you forget about those? Those are great!

Making signatures for members can get pretty hard at times.

Trust me, once you get into higher-grade signatures, it’ll get hard.

Hes been doing this for a long time. In fact, he was making them for froum members before you even started yoyoing probably, lol.

Can I have one? Specs: I want an Aqua Blue Dv888, the word ninja somewhere, and my name in a cool font :slight_smile:

Ah. January 18?

Anyways, good job! :wink:

Sig for Samad is started :wink:

I did those sigs back in like November or December I believe

Aw. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s a month difference? ;D

(Let’s see, Christmas Eve, Christmas, more Yo-Yoing… :stuck_out_tongue: The list goes on! :))

Samad hows this, Its not my favorite sig Ive ever made it was just a quicky

i dig ur sig

OH. You’re I_fa_tang. I didn’t know that. :wink:

can u make me one that says yoyobro with a purple legacy on it and a pic of huckleberry hound on it

Sweet! I might want one eventually.

What do you mean by “Higher Grade” signatures? :wink: The ones that I make? :stuck_out_tongue: CoughYou don’t know how many sigs on YYE I madeCough

Yeah I do. Many people have them.

I made tons, and most never used them. I don’t blame them, but Bannerfans.Com is horrible.

If I could re-do all of the ones they wanted, many members would have mine. :slight_smile:

I know I’m not the guy who you’re asking, but I decided to have a try. What can one do when one is bored? If you like it, you can use it. I won’t mind if you don’t though.

You can wait for DV888 to make one for you instead, but I just had to make it ;D

I made him one, too.

He PM’d me 2 days ago, and I sent him a code. He never got to it, I guess.

Can I see it? ;D


I don’t save them. Once I send the code, I delete the main file.

He doesn’t know how to use it.

I told him, put the two img things at the end, he says nothing appears, just the picture.

So I told him, go to Imageshack, upload it, everything. He still doesn’t get it, not his fault, but I wrote a 2 paragraph answer telling him what to do. He still doesn’t get it. :slight_smile:

Did you show him this?

Anyway, I never delete the sigs I make ;D

Yeah, I sent him the code, and I told him to put those at the end.

I guess he doesn’t get what I’m saying. :stuck_out_tongue: