How to put my own signature

hi guys i need help i want to make my own signeture and paste it on my signature please help me

I can help you. Just tell me what name you want on it, and yoyo.

hey thanks i want name aakarshmadhavan and a red dark magic yoyo please help me

thanks a million 8)

I’ll finish it in a while 8)

ok thanks you are the best

Oh fish I forgot to upload it, sorry :-[ I don’t know why i thought I did. I’m starting to remember things I never did :frowning:

Sorry if its not as good as you expected, I don’t make sigs with long names well. But I hope you like it.

To put it in your signature, go to the profile tab which is here: .

Then, find the button “Forum Profile Information”

Then at your signature, copy this code and paste it there.

thanks you are the best

yeah he made mine thanks rsmod123

Hey can u make me one please. name- yomattieT yoyo-superstar

i would ask you if you could make me one of some sort but i don’t want to overload you.