Hey can someone make me a signature?
i like 888 yoyos and would like one on there
i dont really have a reward but i would really apprecieate it.
also can you tell me how to but it in your posts

Thanks Jack

I could do one for you. And tell you how to put it in your profile.

Tell me:

Favorite Colors
Yo-Yo Pictured
Banner (like mine) or Square
Specific Directions

Lulz I hope you like it. You better like it. >:D Or else. JK ;D

To put it in your signature, go to the profile tab which is here: .

Then, find the button “Forum Profile Information”

Then at your signature, copy this code and paste it there.

If you want me to resize the image, just tell me. If you want me to smoothen out the yoyo a bit, i’ll have to use a different color, but i can.

P.S. Someone will recognize this exact post, with a different picture ::slight_smile:

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Huh? I don’t think so…

Oh, no, sorry, I meant Rsmod123’s psot before mine. I thought I recgonized it from your un-finished yo-yo guide you were making.

now I need to make one for myself