Signature help!

Ok so Spencer.L made a sigi for me and i don’t know how to put it on my profile, I tried copy and pasteing but it won’t let me. Is there any other way to get it there? Do i nead to have a bbc code or something?


Right click the image and choose Copy Image Location.

Paste it between “img” tags like so:


Cool thanks!

Wait. Is this image already uploaded onto the internet or is it an attachment to the message which you can download?

He just sent me a PM with it attached or cut and pasted in it, i don’t know which.

Edit: I think it was attached, and I asked for the code and he said he sent me the code and to copy and past it but all i see it the signature and that’s it.

When you right click the image, does it say Copy Image Location as one of the choices? If so, do as I said above or paste it here.

No It doesn’t say that the only copy option it gives me is copy.

Oh, okay. It’s because I am using Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer.

Can you just quote Spencer’s message here so I could see? That would be easier.

Sure here It Is.;sa=send;f=inbox;pmsg=9025;quote;u=972

When you quote the message, copy the quoted text and then paste it here.

oops sorry here it is.

Hope you like it!
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Thanks for all your help Kim-lan I really appreciat all your help. No wonder you are a forum expert. :smiley:

How do you get or make a signature?


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Ask JM - I can haz yoyo? to make you one.

He made my one.
I love it :).