help plz

hey there guys i havent been on in a while but im going to be on more now. Anyway i see everyone has fancy signatures with their usernames in them can anyone tell me how to make one for myself? ??? ???

Well you could do it the lame way and use an online service. Or you could be awesome and get some sort of image manipulation program like Photoshop. But Photoshop costs money. You can always try the GIMP. I tried GIMP, and it’s not too bad. I still like Photoshop better though. But GIMP is open-source awesome-sauce.

I got GIMP and made my signature but i cant put it in my signature box what do i do? ???

I made on on paint, looks like crap but it works. Don’t got it on here tho cause its embarrassing. Later.

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I believe you have to host your sig on a picture site (deviant, image shack, etc.) then you can get it onto this.

mk thanx ill try

hmm lets see

whats a website i can put it on? i already tried twitter facebook myspace and here but nothing :-[

You hafta upload it to Photobucket and copy something from the page you view the picture on into your signature like it was normal text… i think… :smiley:

Photobucket doesnt accept that type of file :-[

grrr what accepts .xcf files T-T

When you have the Signature, Go to and Delete all the words under Text and fonts. After that click layout and under layout it say’s select a background mode, under that it say’s I want to upload my own image, click that. Go to the document that you saved it in and select it. At the bottom It say’s Update my banner, click it. It should look like the banner you made. After that, Somewhere at the bottom it say’s Get the codes, click it. Scroll until you find the code for forums and copy and paste it where you put your Signature. There you have it, your very own Custom Siggy.8)

~Mikey :wink:

thanks for trying but it doesnt accept .xcf files :’(

.xcf is GIMP’s native file format for use within GIMP only. When you save the image, you’re going to want to save it as JPEG. It should be under File > Save As…

When that menu comes up, there should be a drop down menu to select the file type you want to save it as. I don’t have GIMP so I can’t give you any screenshots, but if you can’t get it after trying I’ll download it and show you step by step.

If you want to, Gorrila_YO makes amazing siggys, like mine. (not bragging, I’m just saying he makes good siggys, And i have 1.)

Click on this link and read what he posted:

Then pm him about how you want your siggy to look like.