how to make a signature on

I’m stuck on making a signature on,
can anyone help me?

I can help you. Just tell me what kind of yoyos you want, and what words you want on it.

I usually use to make sigs. (, is not paint. It is much more advanced.

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I can’t downloald it in paint,
but can you help me to do it and send the attachment to me?

I want the yoyo sunset trajectory NXG
if not, DV888

words: helioNXG


Okay, I’ll work on it.

Thanks ;D

Lulz I hope you like it. You better like it. >:D Or else. Just Kidding ;D But I hope you do :wink: Haha i decided to try something new, putting outlines over the names ;D

To put it in your signature, go to the profile tab which is here:

Then, find the button “Forum Profile Information”

Then at your signature, copy this code and paste it there.

P.S. Someone will recognize this exact post, with a different picture ::slight_smile:


Kim-Lan… again.

(I mean for Rsmod123’s post above.)

And again, I’ll say:

It’s not yours?

rsmod123 can u make me a signature

Not that I know of.

Oh, I thought it was in your un-finished guide.