YoYoExpert Official Art Exhibitian

Andre Thank You So Much For Approving. We now have the Offcial Art Exhibition Section. We will be posting yo-yo art, graphics, and etc.

Thanks to Andre, and the people who could support this. Anyone who works in graphics. PM me, if you want to be in the team.

I hope you guys enjoy this part of the section. I have awesome ideas to put in this art section. Feel free to post signatures, avatars, pictures, graphics, and art (Have to be Yo-Yo Related).

Andre thanks again!!! ;D

To the people who could make this happen. I can’t thank you enough. :smiley:

So what do you guys think?

cool i well love to be on the team

Very nice, Can’t wait to see what gets produced

I’m ready for awesome artwork!


GFX Section is LIVE.

Forgive me, but I’m a little ignorant here. ;D

What is the graphics team and what will it do?

If your not on the team can you still post art/graphics?

If I want to be on the team, do I PM work I’ve done? If not, what should I include in my PM?

Sorry if these are idiotic questions.


There is no team/GFX team at all.

Just make artwork, and post it freely. :wink:

I see, got it. :slight_smile:

But what’s all this then?

Where’d you get that from?

I never said that today.

Besides, that team was over 2 weeks ago. It’s nothing.

Sounds awesome!

But just pointing out, that the “Exhibition” in the title is spelled wrong.

Just saying.


Ouchies… Topic Fail… Nice catch J

He meant in the title of this topic, which André did not create.

According to the quote, you did. Well, you said that yesterday in your time zone :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouchies… Smoke Fail…

Fixed post