Getting tired of Saturday Market?

To some up the thread, they had a drop, I missed it, already gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I miss the more green Saturday markets

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Variety is the Spice of life.

I don’t get tired of the Saturday Market colorway because no 2 are exactly the same.

No doubt some stand out as more visually appealing than others. I’ve had a few that I thought were really amazing looking…. And then a few days later, somebody posts up a pic of theirs, in the same model) and it looks even better than mine.

Fortunately, the color does not affect ‘play’, so I get over it with a quickness, lol.

I also think that just like cars, different yo-yo shapes look better than others within that colorway.

So, if you get a Code 2 type shape in SM and a Deep State in SM, even if they are both very good examples, one will have much better visual impact than the other just because the different shape gives a ‘different spin’.

Decades ago, when I was painting Custom cars, people would ask me to paint their vehicle in a certain magic color they saw on another car. Trust me on this…. Porsche red does not fly on Yo Mommas’ Station Wagon’.

That being said, certain shapes may not look good in Saturday Market just ‘because’.

To me, SM on a Deep State is hit or miss simply because there is too much surface area with out shape transitions(narrow gap view and large cup view) etc.

I think the less Saturday Market yo-yos you have, it’s just easier to enjoy them and not nit pick.

But, if you happen to collect them in every single model released, it is much easier to have your own personal Beauty contest and decide which ones ‘suck’, lol.

Saturday Market is a most interesting colorway.

I’m a fan…


Here are the SM I have. I’m also a fan of the variety and how each is unique.


I think it’s interesting that you bring up the idea of SM b-grades. The few OD NQPs that I have seen did not have anno flaws that I would have noticed, so I feel like their QC standards are pretty high.

It makes me wonder what would qualify as NQP for a colorway as intrinsically variable as SM. Even the “bad” examples here are still appealing to some people which suggests that not everyone agrees on what SM should really be and what type of “failures” would be NQP.

It is a little irritating that they’re sold at a premium and it’s possible to get a variant that is not viewed as consistently valuable, although the same is true (usually to a lesser extent) with any complex anno or dye job, but I also feel like that’s maybe part of the appeal for some people. It’s like a mystery box.


Based on the comments in this thread, it seems that most people don´t like when colors are not well saturated or when there is a significant percentage of area not coloured, just metal. Above, Polarbear SM deep state is a good example of what I would consider as a b-grade candidate. Course, there is some subjectivity when deciding what yoyos are a- or b-grade, but this happens with most criteria, including vibration. Most people like the SM colorway because of the richness of colours, if the colours are fainted or there is no color in a large area of the yoyo…

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I know for certain my Deeper State was a NQP, and I think I bought another of these as a NQP but don’t recall which right off hand, maybe the silhouette. I bought the intro off the BST and it might’ve been NQP as well or the original owner got it in a mystery box. Point being OneDrop does sell NQP saturday markets, but I wonder if most of them wind up in mystery boxes.

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I’m just wondering how much of this is a a mismatch between people’s expectations of what an SM can be vs OD’s actual standard for what a SM is. I know there are vocal people here who strongly or exclusively prefer the super saturated colors, but I personally think all the ones in this thread look good, some are just different. (Also, for what it’s worth, I would prefer any of the “lower quality” SMs in this thread over some of the lower quality A-grade splashes I have gotten from other companies in the past.)

Maybe people who have had NQP SMs could comment on what might have disqualified them from being A-grades?


A lot of good looking SM’s on here. First one I bought was a silhouette and honestly I don’t like it. Wish it looked more like the others posted here.


IMO Saturday Market is like sex. Even when it’s bad it’s good.

I may like some SM colorways more than others, but I think they all look good. I wouldn’t know what a B-grade would be, unless it has a big thumbprint or something… And even that would be kinda cool…


You mean “artisan anodization marks”? Throwback to the Kapital debacle of 2021 lol


I have some unicorn sprinkles in the catch zone, a yellow bonfire in one cup, and a sci-fi sunset in the other cup. I love my SM panorama, only SM I have and it makes me happy every time I see it.


Official request for a new one drop colorway, “Unicorn Sprinkles”, which is clear base with light splatters/swirls of the saturday market colors lol


I also only have one SM and it’s also a Panorama. Each half has an area that is a little washed out, but I still think the variability is part of the charm.