Getting tired of Saturday Market?

I see that all of the new OD Dioramas sold out except for the SMs. Are people getting bored with that colorway or did they just make a ton?


I’d bet they make a bunch of them. Personally its the only color One Drop I buy.


I have the SM Diorama in my cart but cant push myself to buy it lol. I just got the Panorama recently and I really love it. Not sure I want to grab the Diorama and then have to decide which to keep, then go through the BST hassle lol. The SM color I got on my Panorama is also one of my favorites.

With all that said, I’m still struggling to fight the temptation lol


I’m just hoping YYE gets some solids.


Was just thinking about this the other day… my guess is that they saw the demand was huge awhile back and people kept asking for more, so they started making a bunch and now the oversupply is making people want it less? Definitely seems like the interest in the colorway has gone down over the past year in particular.


I’ve just done the as Brandon. I had the SM in my cart but decided to just wait and see if there’s a second run.

I find the latest Saturday Markets are a lot more washed out than they used to be. I liked it when it was a lot more blue and purple where as now it’s more clear and not a vibrant


Found this great example of Saturday market

Vs the latest

I don’t mean to say they’re any worse. They’re still beautiful but I prefer the darker versions


I actually couldn’t resist and succumbed to the temptation. I have no will power.


Yo @YoYoExpertGarrett have you heard any word on this or nah… gotta get one of those mango bois


I was looking at that mango, but I just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. I just bought two new throws and I have limited funds. Maybe the next round! :wink:




I love one drop but I don’t care for SM . I feel like all the ones I have gotten always have a bunch of empty space . Some of them are really pretty though


This. I think.


Not sure I agree. My recent Panorama(from the drop a few months ago) is easily the best example I have of SM, and is very saturated.


I think Saturday Market is just hit or miss due to the nature of the colorway. My buddy has a Halifax that is basically all orange/purple, no blues/pinks/greens, anything. Just a purple/orange acidwash. I have my Aitch that is very vibrant and saturated, but also has some areas that are more clear. Not sure they’re doing things different now, or if its just a very variable process.


I feel like splashes are kind of a crap shoot in general and I buy solids because of that. Well that and the fact that they’re cheaper. :wink: That being said, I do really want a MonkeyfingeR someday!


I have felt burned on buying Saturday Market colorways recently. The last half year or so… maybe longer… They aren’t as colorful as back with the burnside 20/20 or terrarian releases around that time or before. I gave up on finishing my collection as they all looked so meh compared to before.

Since then Ive had NQP SM mystery box colors look better than the a-grade I’ve bought (Aitch in particular).

I did buy one today, but my hopes for feeling it was worth the extra $ aren’t high. I miss the old Orion jobs like on the parlay that really made it look special.

Everything kept selling out in my cart forcing me to restart the checkout process and choose another one just for it to also be sold out.


I just went with an icy storm color way because blue. I also gave up on my SM collection. The OG terrarian from years past or burnside 2020 are jaw dropping but my preferences are not what they manufacture anymore.


That’s an awesome panorama in SM. Third run seems to have had best job done and I skipped that one.

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oh wow that is beautiful! that is one of the best examples of Saturday Market for sure.
Just did a quick search for other saturday markets and I think each batch has some strong ones and some washed out ones. But I do think there have been more washed out ones lately. I assume because its very difficult to get the colours to mix they way they do. Or maybe its just the photographs I’ve seen. again no hate at all for these, they still look great

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My Aitch and Deep State (most recent run as well), are both pretty solid. Maybe I just get lucky?