getting the yoyo to respond after dizzy baby and brain-twister

I’ve had this problem ever since moving from beginner tricks to intermediate tricks. I can do dizzy baby and brain-twister but cannot get the yoyo back to my hand after the trick due to unresponsiveness. I also can do the basic bind but cannot do the brain-twister right into a bind to return the yoyo. I moved from a Duncan Avenger (very good for beginner tricks but not for intermediate) to a Yoyojam Dark Magic. I can make the dm more responsive with thick lube but then it reduces sleep time so much that you don’t have the sleep time to do the tricks. Any ideas. Is a common transition from beginner to intermediate or do I have the wrong yoyo?

you need to learn how to bind

land it on the string and pull up

I can get a Dark Magic with thick lube to spin enough for me to do some of my longest tricks, it is all your throw. Practice that, even if you think it’s strong, practice it.You might also have to tighten your gap all the way, but not too much, or it will strip youur axle.

He already knows how to bind:

You can dismount from the brain twister first before binding it back normally.

Just throw harder, really. And straighter. You should have plenty of time?

you can bind right from the braintwister mount practice doing it from there, then when you get better you can do an over mount for a nice back spin bind