Brain twister help

In the video for yo yo expert he does the brain Twister and the yo yo appears to be responsive , but he also does a bind return. I’m using a dark magic II with responsive bearing . When mounting the trick the string really slows the yoyo. How does he do it with yo yo being responsive but still sleeping for so long?

It’s because he has a really strong throw. If you want to do brain twister, get a really strong throw. Also, like Andre said in the video, you want to bring the yo-yo up directly. In front of you
R face, so you can center the string. Centering the string really helps on tricks like brain twister. Hope this helped!

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Responsive bearings also tend to slow down the yoyo faster than non responsive (thick lube vs. Thin or no lube). As you move through freestyle, a lot of the good tricks require non responsive play. I recommend using a less responsive set up, and getting really good with your bind returns. It is where your yoyoing will eventually lead, and it will help with your string tricks. The other thing with Brain twister, you need a very straight throw. If the yoyo is leaning to one side or the other after you throw the sleeper, the strings will rub and slow down the yoyo as you are spinning it around.
Straight, strong Sleepers and good binds. Become proficient with these, and soooo many tricks you do will be much smoother and easier. I tried to do more advanced tricks before I had a good sleeper, and it became very frustrating! Good luck!

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I learned braintwister and split the atom on responsive yoyos back in the 90s. It takes a little more precision with a responsive throw, and you have to generally be a little quicker.

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Thanks for the advice , you guys are very helpful.

He’s using the first Dark Magic, not the second one. The first Dark Magic was semi-responsive, but correct me if I’m wrong. I think it just had a starburst response one one side, while the yoyo was still pretty wide. Hope it helps with the confusion!

Yeah, sorry, but you are a little bit wrong, hehe. He is indeed using the first Dark Magic, but it wasn’t semi-responsive. It had an adjustable gap, so you can make it really responsive or really unresponsive. Also, the response system is a hybrid, which is a starburst on one side and a rubber o-ring on the other. I hope this helped!