Getting on a plane, what to carry??


I am bout to get on a plane, and want to bring only one throw. Choices are:

C3 move
7075 Prime8

All have their own benefits, but I’m leaning towards the MOVE because it plays well and has the added bonus of finger spins. What do you all think?


M. O. V. E. :smirk:


Same I would definitely bring my move. I really dig that yoyo. Plays great and fingespins really good too. I really love my mantis to but I’m trying to keep that one mint bc of how rare they are. So move has my vote :+1::blush:


MOVE it is. Caden, u know this MOVe I think

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Stupid q? Sorry, which one is upper right?


It’s not a stupid question :wink: it’s a prime 8 :slight_smile:

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Right on thank you


It’s the 7075 prime8. Easily one of the best if not the best throw I own. I think it’s very underrated

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Very nice, I would take that one with you.


i say the MOVE or the Prime8 :smiley:


The pilot is still waiting to take off while we figure out what yoyo yoyolazar should take :wink:

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better yet, take them all, why chose?


You can take the C3, just don’t take C4!! Hahaha :grin:


OH man, you just hit my ‘Dad Joke’ button right on the head LAWL


Isn’t this the pun that won Brandon vu/c3’s giveaway contest?


I’m not sure? I wasn’t even aware such a contest even existed. It was just something I thought of when I read the post.


Whatever you decide to take make sure you lube your bearing well so it doesn’t make any ticking sounds


I’ve been thinking of picking up a Move. Only a few left in stock here. Do you love it ?

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I think you should trade the prime8 for my Draupnir, then take it.


Move is great. Went with that and it did the trick.