Getting nowhere with 4a.


Hey guys! I got a fiesta xx for 4a a few weeks ago, and ive been trying to learn 4a on it, but im just not getting anywhere. I forward pass and catch, and i can bind, but when i try to do barrel rolls, it always just runs out of spin. I really hope that it’s not the yoyo choice, because i read that it was the best 4a yoyo. I read that sometimes the bearing seat was messed up on the fiesta xx. Do you think that it is just my throw? Or is it messed up?


I think it might just be your throw. I got my fiesta xx on Monday, July 15th, and it works perfectly fine. I can barrel roll with it for a looong time and still bind. Did you get it new or used? I got mine new and if yours is used it might have something to do with how the previous owner treated it. I would recommend you clean the bearing and contact who ever you got it from, whether it be a person on the forums or yye. I’ve also dropped my fiesta xx a couple times already on hard wood and it shows not signs of it, this thing is a tank!

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One of the major problems with 4a is tilting which can GREATLY hinder your spin time. What you need to do is learn how to correct tilt. If the YoYo starts tilting to the left using your throw hand move the string slightly to the right and vice versa until the YoYo is straight and upright again. I had this problem too when I first started yoyoing and learned about correcting from Diaboloing!

Hope this helps!


Haha thanks guys. I got it on yoyoexpert for the yoyoday sale. Ill just keep practicing i guess. Any more tips?


I actually just bought a Fiesta as well! I’ve been quite enjoying it. One thing that I think has helped my throw is messing around with a Diabolo. It can really help you keep the yoyo straighter, even though diabolo is pretty different from an off-string yoyo. I’ve only been practicing for a week, so I could use some advice too XD


I dont have a diablo. Oh well. I think that youve probably practiced more than i have even though ive had mine for a month and a half.


Yeah. Diabolos are pretty fun, but not as good as yoyos. I’ve been pretty busy practicing with off-string so far I can do barrel rolls, sun, and throwing the yoyo up in the air and catching it. I think you probably just need practice. Definitely do this as well ->