getting noticed

hey guys im trying to get noticed and all and would really appreaciate it if you all would check out my youtube channel i make tuts reviews and just me and my 2 friends throwing so ya once again check us we are THEyoyoPRODEGIES

Forgive me for being lazy, because I’m cruising here while on the phone with a client and fixing their network routers and core switches.

You think to help yourself get noticed easier, you could post a direct link to your YouTube channel? Is that even allowed here? I’m not clear on all the rules here, but I will say they are pretty much reasonable.

The best to get noticed is to demonstrate excellence. Once you do, people will come to you.

Trying to be noticed is a waste of time and energy, because it’s only when you do something interesting or noticeable that people will notice you. Not because you post a link to your youtube channel. I don’t really get the point anyways, though.

To get noticed, its easier to seriously take your time in doing things so that they are quality, not crappy. Even if you make a simple one throw video, make sure it is your best throw, not just the first one. Prove that you have quality tricks by putting out videos that showcase them accurately. Then go to some contests and see how you do. Just be yourself. :slight_smile:

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asking us to wach your videos kind of makes me not want to plus the fact you didnt say please is kinda rude >:(

just kidding, ill take a look at it :wink:

I’m definitely not an expert on this subject, but I would enter and win some contests!

sigh You guys have it all wrong…

All you have to do is be awesome. Like me!

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just a little comment in your welcome to our channel video. Saying “subscribe now or else your (insert word here)” in your video is not a very good move so i will not be subscribing
Admin Edit: I understand you were quoting him in his vid but not here.


Edit: ok i will remember that next time, Thanks

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I’m just going to say one thing-and I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything- I very rarely look at people’s videos because they demand attention, and I very rarely subscribe to people just because they said so. In fact, what I will do is normally the exact opposite.

True dat. I only sub if the vids ar good, or if the person has great potential. I actually dont sub at all. It keeps me honest :wink:

I usually find that people will notice if you pick your nose.

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I’m gonna go with take your pants off…

or both…

thanks for replying guys i understand ur views and i have competed in contests i competed in california states 2011 and i got 51

Look guys, the proper way to get attention is to pick your pants off. :wink: