Check out my First video

Feedback please
Be gentle it’s my first time

I thought it was great!
Maybe centering the camera to yourself a little more and adding music could make it even better.
I also love the addition of the grinds

Good job man. Agree on the music. Can’t wait till I can throw that good. Was that a green DM2?

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I’ve been noticing a few people posting videos after throwing for 3 months. since I’ve been getting down for 6 months I figured I needed to put something up. Next one I do I’ll make sure to put a track to and center myself better.

It was a magic N12 throw
Thanks again
This Community ROCKS!!!

Dude that is such an awesome video. I got a lot of ideas from your style. Showed me a few ways to tie some thing together. Keep it up bro.

Those were some pretty rad tricks there bro. I enjoyed the video and subbed, hoping to see more : D

Welcome to the community bro!