Getting Better?

new video

yah your definately getting better ;D :smiley:

That was pretty good!

Zoom in a bit more, and see if you can get rid of some of the blurriness. You don’t have to be a good videographer to be a good yoyoer, but it does help us to see your brilliance in all of its splendor! So just mess around with zoom and angles and junk like that until you think the video presents your skill as best it can :slight_smile:

Also, don’t be afraid to go beyond. You’ve obviously got skill, and you’re obviously creative, but try to go the extra mile. Just because you hit a GT doesn’t mean the trick has said all it has to say, you know?

Its important to note that I’m not saying “Don’t end in GTs.” I’m saying, “Don’t be afraid to push your tricks, and to try new things.”

You’re doing great stuff bud :slight_smile: Keep it up!