me yoyoing with Equilateral
please tell me what i can do to improve.

The main thing I can suggest for getting better is to practice. Watch and learn tutorials/new tricks, try doing things you haven’t done before with the yoyo, and then just practice some more on top of that. I’m not really able to give much of an opinion on your current skills, since the video was pretty blurry(don’t worry about that though. Video camera’s are expensive, buy yoyos instead :wink: ) But it appears that you’ve got a pretty solid foundation to work off of. I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

The best way to improve is practice! Also… watch lots of tutorials! Scour the internet for new and unique tricks. Learn tricks from different sources as well. Take bits and pieces from various tricks and create your own tricks.

Don’t try to learn every trick. Pick and choose the ones you like to develop your own style. If you ever get seriously stuck on a trick, just move on… You can always go back and learn it later if you feel like it.

Do what’s fun.