Getting back to yoyo after 10+ years... Recommendations please!

Hi, I’ll keep this short:

I’m getting back into yoyos but so much has changed in the last 10+ years. Last time I yoyo’ed I really like the Came-Yo (Duncan) Mondial. I also remember the Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2 (SB2) and Playmaxx/Duncan Cold Fusion. I remember the Cold Fusion was $$$ and almost more like a status symbol. I wasn’t that good back then, but I still preferred the Mondial over both the Cold Fusion (which I lost) and SB2 (tried a friend’s).

As for cheaper plastic yoyos, I liked the Yomega Raider (since it was heavy and it seems like it spun for a long time).

I assume yoyo technology have changed so what do you guys recommend these days (now that I have a better income than 10 years ago, I’m willing to shell out some money haha). Thanks in advance!

it really all depends on which style you want to pursue. The throws you listed seemed to be a hybrid of throws designed for looping tricks but with some stats that would no longer make them ideal for that purpose. The raider being the exception. The raider is still considered to be among the top level of looping throws.

If you want to get into the current style of string tricks a wider shaped yoyo designed for 1A is really what your going to want. As far as an excellently priced throw to get into this style, I can’t think of anything better than the yoyorecreation Diffusion 2. While not the best thing ever, for the price it can’t be beat. This is the throw I carry around with me wherever I go, cause I don’t want to carry around my expensive metal throws.,82936.0.html

This pretty much explains what’s happened in the past few years, not as far back as ten though.

Thanks mrciurleo and creature212. I’ll read up and catch up to the current trend.

^I’ve never personally thrown the Diffusion 2 myself but I’ve heard good things about it. A few other good plastics for the Price are the Onedrop Rally Yoyofactory Northstar. And if you wanna go for a mettle Yoyo factory shutter for $50 cant be beat.

Happy shopping!

I was right where you were, man. It sounds like a carbon copy of me. You can get REALLY good throws for really cheap now. If you really have the money and you want to cut through the B.S. … Start out with the $50 range throws and work your way up from there. The Duncan Torque is $45 (That’s my personal recommendation, it is just so amazing), The YoYoFactory Shutter and Horizon are $45, the Dark Magic is around there, and there are many other brands and companys. The best thing you’re probably going to be able to find locally is a $30 Yomega Maverick, a $20 Duncan Metal Drifter, or a $15 YoYoFactory Velocity…Target has Duncan Butterfly XT’s for $5…, for S&G’s to see how really far the Tech has come even on the lowest price end or get a YoYoFactory Whip and a C3 Speedaholics as an add on to what every you decide to go online and purchase. Welcome back!