Getting a head start on christmas!!!

::slight_smile: HEHE… ::slight_smile: Or maybe I meant Black Friday.

Yea… that’s what I mean… or it’s just my personality…

BUT ANYWAYS… I realized I don’t know much yoyos. Some YYJs, Some CLYWs (What’s a peak?), Some Spyys, Some 1drops, Some YYF… and that’s it.

Because I never bother looking at other yoyos. I know the name when you guys mention it… but that’s it. Like I can’t recognize a peak to save my life, but I know it’s by CLYW. So I can recognize like 10 yoyos. That’s it.

Any idea to get me more acquainted? It kinda pokes me when I’m thinking of a new yoyo. It’s like… I wanna get one… and then… I have no idea what yoyos there are out there. SO… I’m just going to try to know the ones that might suit me more. And you know, kinda get a feel for those. It’s hard to explain.

What I want:
ANY SUGGESTIONS as long as the yoyo is FLOATY. And Smaller than… a DM. That’s it.

I can’t stand too big of a yoyo, nor a heavy one. I like to do whips/slacks/pops/faster tricks. And for some reason I kinda hide from YYF…

Paul han is insulted by you calling his genesis slow…


^^^ OKAY… ^^^

For the record, I don’t mean slow… I meant… heavy… stiff… unfloaty… you know. There’s some yoyos, that to me, are like a puppy, they just wanna fly around. Others, like the genesis, feels more like a mule to me. It’s stubborn and heavy.

It’s the floatiness. Like do a triple laceration… some yoyos kinda hang there for a second, and others go up, and then go down. I like a yoyo that barely feels like it’s there. Like it’s floaty, and you know it’s there, but at the same time, you don’t have to keep pushing it around… does that make more sense? Like less rim weight I think… I like Bassalope/Addiction, don’t like Genesis… DV888 and DM are in my it’s okay range.