Getting a consistently straight throw?

I can get straight throws, but a lot of the time I tend to find my yoyo shakes, tilts or spins out. I’m throwing a velocity right now and my throws seem to be a lot less stable and straight than they were with my Yomega throws. Any hints or advice on this?

Be aware of how your hand and arm are when you throw perfectly straight and mimic that motion every time. Repetition is key.

as calibuddha said make sure you keep everything straight… alot of it is caused by the velocity, which thought its fun it is horrible and doesn’t like to stay straight.

Good observation!Yeah, the velocity won’t help. It was awesome for my first yoyo, but then when i picked it up after many months later, and when I actually learned how to throw, I can now say its rather bad. Spin isn’t long at all, and its so light, it’ll kind of tilt on string or off string rather quickly. Stick with whatever Yomega you have.

If your Yomega is a brain, its shape is nice to work on straighter throws. If your throw is not straight, it will return to your hand. You can also see if the string touches the halves if your throw isn’t very straight. Once you’re used to throwing a bit more straight, you can move to the Velocity. That’s exactly what I did. I had a Yomega BX2 and I was not throwing very straight. I soon bought a Raider and a Brain. The Brain helped me with my throw and I then moved back to the BX2. I suddenly found that I increased my spin time on the BX2 by a good 15 seconds because my yoyo isn’t touching the halves anymore.

In terms of tilting axially, I do not know how to help with that. I just noticed that the tilting was reduced when my throws were straighter based from the practicing I did above.

The game changes a bit once you start doing tricks.