Get back into doing tricks


I still really enjoy yoyoing, but not as much as I used to. I found that the trick videos on Yoyoexpert are good, but somehow not enought to get me to keep innovating. Do you guys have any ideas on how I can rejuvenate my interest in yoyos or some good ways to learn to start inventing tricks?

Sorry for the abstract question, but maybe you guys can still help me! Thanks!


There are a lot of things you can do. Depends what got you interested in the first place. Like if you got interested in yoyoing because you happened to see Gentry Stein land a bunch of sweet tricks, try to learn some Gentry Stein stuff.

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Try here:



This is really good!

Also look at CLYW’s Cabin Tutorials on YouTube.

And looking at regular videos isn’t too much of a tutorial though once you get better competition or regular yoyo videos can be inspiring/innovative.


Try a different style!
There’s always something new around the corner, waiting to be discovered…


There are a lot more tutorials online just search a little and you will find some pretty cool ones also watch some freestyles and try to take elements and mess around a little bit. Always helps me



I like to play with new/different yoyo shapes.

I feel like different shapes make me play differently and come up with different tricks.

So I try to have a nice variety instead of sticking to one thing. If I’m growing stale on one throw, I’ll whip out a drastically different one.

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Love this video.


Thanks for all the great advice! I’ll try some of those things.


Just take a break, there’s nothing wrong with it.


That’s what I’ve been doing, but now I’m trying to find some new ways of doing it. But yeah there’s nothing wrong with a break. Often you can find you can actually get a lot better and enjoy something a lot more if you take a short break from it.


^Cool Website for longer, More complex trick tutorials that should get your engines running.
^Again, lots of cool stuff, and lots of GT Inclusive tricks.