Gentry Stein

Everyone was super pumped at worlds to see Gentry Stein. I was kind of out of the loop when Worlds was going on so when looked for his performance on YouTube I didn’t find his finals performance. What happened to him?

He didn’t make it to Finals.

That’s to bad. Would have liked to see what he would have done.

Me too. I was actually extremely shocked that he didn’t make it to finals.

Even though he didn’t make finals, he still had some good stuff in his prelim and semi-final freestyles, both of which are on YouTube:

Yossarian, his Shutter video was pretty insane as well. Extremely innovative tricks in that video. To anyone who hasn’t watched that video yet, find it and watch it. It’s well worth your time.

Agreed completely. My 2cents, he’s one of the couple people on YYF that make me love that company.

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I was even more shocked about Harold. He placed 4th at Worlds last year and didn’t even make it through prelims this year.

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Watch his CalStates and BAC 2013 performances. While not with a Shutter, they are still great and well worth viewing.

Too bad he didn’t make finals at Worlds.

I was also shocked he didn’t make it as well.

Shutter video:

The thing that really stunk was that I was at Worlds…and I was really looking forward to watching his finals routine…I was seriously bummed…

And HOT didn’t make it through prelims…I would have loved to see him do a finals routine…

At least Grant Johnson, Patrick Borderding (my new favorite 3A player after Worlds), Ben Conde, and Tyler Severence were in finals…it was so epic to watch them live, LOL.

Believe it or not, he went out in the semis. I was watching the live streaming and I thought he did great. I also thought that the others were good too but he could easily have been misjudged.

I wonder if he said something to the judges ;).

When is the next yoyo contes that’s able to be watched through the live stream?

I doubt he said anything to the judges that would have been done with the intentions of influencing his score either before or after.

I do hear through the rumor mill that at Worlds 2012, there was a bit of controversy surrounding his scoring. The range is from “top 3 placing” to “should have won it” and pointing at the Asian judges for not knowing how to score it. I personally don’t buy this.

What I did see what at least regarding 1A, the judging was a lot different this year than in previous years. I’m not going to say things like “for the better” or “for the worse”. I guess that as a competitor, you run into a big chance with your routines. You put together the best you can and then have to hope it will score well with the judging trend.

He’s been in the final round before. He’ll be there again soon. That’s just part of the game.

I don’t know for sure. But my guess: 2014 Worlds.