Gentry Stein 1A Prelims


He’s tall, believe me. He’s in 8th grade right now. Well… he just got promoted. So he’s freshman next year.


Hung out with him there. He is very tall. Doesn’t look very tall on stage. But believe the people who say he’s tall. Because he really is tall.


he didint even place

(202andrew) #4

He got 4th in the finals and in the prelims he got 1st. best yoyoer ever!

(Justin the JeeJaw) #5

I would like to see you go up there and get a place

(Thomas) #6

Hey man be nice.


He’s really nice isn’t he? He even taught me a trick! What a guy… :slight_smile:
He has cool hair too.

He’s always mean! It’s getting annoying.


I met him before, he’s about my height and gonna be freshman like me.

Happy Throwing! =]