Any Chance this Kid Dosn't win Worlds at one point?

I think he’s six.

OH MY GOD, IT’S KAZUYA!! He’s so adorable! But in all seriousness, he placed 9th at AP2013 and he has a brother who is I think is 11 who didn’t place as well as Kazuya did. If he sticks with yoyoing he will definitely win worlds eventually. He’s already sponsored by sOMEThING and he’s only 6! He might be the next Takeshi Matsuura, but in 1a.

I’ve been teaching my little bro how to throw and he’s nowhere near the level of this kid. Does anyone know this kids age for sure? Yup, he’s 6.


Yup, just look at hippos(forgot his real name, stephen i think?) and wilson… ASIANS REPRESENT!!

And then theres me, disgracing every Asian yoyoer out there

I bet your half asian :wink:

I’m originally from Malaysia, but my ancestors are from China. I now live in the yoyo-dead state of Georgia

That’s how I feel. I thought it was sweet and then I saw his horizontal and my mind was blown. Its like Mickey had a baby and he came out holding a yoyo…

Its like Mickey had a baby and he came out holding a yoyo…

Great one; my thought too.

I’m really only impressed that he can do all that at such a young age. The tricks themselves are meh…

If you think his are meh, mine are complete crap. :wink:

basically the georgia yoyo club (Girts) is meeting August 3rd 2-5 at Decatur Square. Near the gazebo. There is a thread about.

I’m planning to go…so stoked

I’m trying to convince my parents. Hopefully they will comply. I’m excited also.

So am I, but I think they pity me because they forced me to stay at home to study while Damafest was in town, so hopefully they will let me go.

I am personally not a fan of that fast tech stuff. That really doesn’t impress me.

Same here. If someone like Mickey were doing that it wouldn’t impress me. Frankly I don’t like Mickeys style it’s so blan all he does is get a bunch of string hits and you can’t even tell if anythings original due to him going so fast. I prefer flow.

Tell you what… I really want some of that really fast spinny crap in my repertoire, and then I can at least have it at my disposal. I found it all very generic, too, but whenever I try to figure out what’s going on and add some of that fast stuff to my list, I can’t do it. :wink: Still, big credit to him for being 6 and being able to do all that.

Is it really his “style?” Just think about it for a minute; you bring up a crucial point too: string hits. String hits are a pretty important part of competition if I’m not mistaken. So, is that his style? Or is he throwing to win?

Saying you don’t like his competitive style would imply you prefer those who don’t regularly place as high. Not saying they are bad or worse than Mickey (I’m certainly in no position to say that), but does their style show through more than those who are REALLY in it to win it? Those who put together a competitive freestyle intended to destroy competitions come up with these zippy string hit-y showings which simply allow for more to be done.

Just some food for thought I suppose. There is something to be said about the competitive system which restricts our style, and one may have different styles based on the situation they are in. I think this applies to all of us to a different degree.

Last year during the Olympics I was reading something about a six year old Chinese table tennis player who could barely see over the table. She was incredible, but heard that she was basically recruited by the Chinese government and had to practice over 8 hours a day and not go to public school… Just a part of the culture… I wonder if this is a similar situation… I mean what 6 year old can focus on one activity like to yoing to become this good if he wasn’t being coerced?