This little guy is better than me…

the murata brothers are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future!

This is his older brother Yamato.

Wow ummmmm

My self esteem level just took a hit

But I… I have been practicing :frowning: how… How… Can he be so good?? Lol

They’re both significantly better than I will ever be (nevermind just how good I am right now). :wink:

your a great yoyoer.but your play is very diffrent than that kid.

your really good :slight_smile:

Its kinda like Micky had kids, if so they probably came into the world with a yoyo string on their finger.

Wooooooow. Imagine that performance in the US. The crowd would go absolute nuts! But at the end it was just a polite clap clap clap.

future worlds winners and there like little hyrouki suzuki except smaller an no slacks!

How are these guys not Suzuki’s kids? :smiley:

Come to think of it, the first little kid, he is not super good.

I mean, he is better than average, and already had a style and he is fast ish.

But, he mostly did simple rolls, eli hops, more sideways rolls, and then some wrist mount stuff.

He is 6 years old and displays a control that is unreal for his age, never mind most kids twice his age. He was born with far more potential than 99% of the population. Your perspective is skewed if you aren’t blown away.

come on now lots of hiroyuki’s style I mainly rolls to when he was starting out plus all was added to his was a few flashy tricks. The 6 yr old is amazing for his age. Most 6 yr olds I know are screaming over the tv remote not doing amazing yoyos tricks so kazuya is great at what he does.

He went pretty fast tho, and he had a sweet horizontal play, mine is nothing compared to him lol.

His yoyo looks huge :o

The more I watch him the more I think. Dang! This kid must be smart! What other six year old do you know that could even comprehend tricks like these?

oh boy
I’m excited for the future :o

He’s so flipping cute! Mad skils too…

I wouldn’t feel too bad. The younger you are the better position you are in to learn something. When you’re 5/6 all you do is learn, so thats the best time to pick up a hobby or skill.

It’s not mutually exclusive to yoyoing. There’s videos of kids that young out there shredding guitar, playing amazing piano songs, street dancing, doing crazy gymnastics, skateboarding, and tonnes more. Heck there’s even that little bodybuilding kid…

If you can get a childs interest into a hobby at a young age, they’ll progress insanely quickly. It’s the same reason why I know a child who has pretty much just learned to speak, but already speaks 3 languages (her father is ghanian (sp?) and her mother is polish). How do you learn and distinguish between languages at such a young age?! The brain is amazing…

Needless to say, if they keep it up they’ll be storming contests in no time.

Well then…

It’s time to practice…

Do you enjoy saying dumb things?