who is this kid?

This kid is amazing! Does anyone know how he did at this competition? I sure hope he got far cause that was impressive!

Kazuya Marata aka yoyobaby

edited because I need practice wording stuff I don’t sincerely believe

Asia is not a country… :wink:

There were 3 non-Asian players in the top 5 (including the winner) at Worlds last year. Are you as good as Gentry, Zach and Paul already??

Hahaha, because that would be racist.
“Asians” were generalized as always better in anything, I think it’s not because of the race but the culture and the way of thinking that is different. Not all Asian are good at everything just like what the internet said though. I think the skill difference is more because they take pride of everything they do, they dedicate themselves to do something as far as practicing up to 8 hours a day.
It doesn’t matter if you are Caucasian, or an Indian or whatever, anyone who put as much effort as they do, will get there, believe me on this.
The question is, how much you dedicate yourself to yoyoing? do you play “for fun”? do you play in your leisure time or do you actually set certain time of the day just to yoyo? because goofing around “having fun” won’t get you anywhere.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t yoyo for fun, I’m just saying if you expect certain result, you must have certain effort.
It will be painful, but it will be worth it.

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i know for some people in Asia they say if its worth doing do it to its fullest…

Read this, how your brain affects your strength, http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/11/04/dig-deep-youre-stronger-than-you-think/
It can be related somehow, if you keep thinking that you can never be as good as [name], then you will never do even if you potentially can.

That guy’s gonna be something big….

I find that video slightly offputting. Literally, the kid is too good. A kid that young shouldn’t be that good at anything. I hope I’m wrong on this, but I suspect he hasn’t had a terribly happy childhood.


i hate to agree with you but its probably true… i get the same feeling when i see kids in who are given to any temples like Buddhist ones and live their happy years there… but if he continues this way he probably will be a great yoyoer, just not a happy one.

I could totally hang with this kid for the first 30 seconds of the video. After that, maybe not so much. :wink:

agreed guys, I hate when kids play with toys!

Am I the only child on the forum? Age does not matter for any thing. I started fixed axle 15 because i used to be an offstring player that worked hard and in less then a year I got really good through hard work, but I had little to no fun playing and i thought doing fixed axle 15 would help me find out what I love and want from yoyoing. I just learned I like to create tricks and combos on fixed axle yoyos. Do what you like in yoyoing. If you like to compete and it makes you happy then do it.

Oooookayyyy… So I apologize to everyone who thought I was serious, but I didn’t actually think that people from Asian countries should be forced into their own category. I now realize that the way my post was worded didn’t sound as much like a joke as I thought it did, and I am aware of the Asian culture’s work and study ethic.

Sorry again, I do realize my post could’ve been worded better, and obviously could be taken as offensive

my bad, but chill out guys, it’s not like I said anything hateful

Come on, dude. I think you know what he means. It’s not the playing with toys, it’s the unfortunate circumstance of parents sometimes trying to live vicariously through their talented children.
For the record, I know nothing about the kid, and I’m not saying that’s what IS happening in this case.

Agreed. There’s no way that kid found out that this was his dream to yoyo and kept going at it and got this good. Something other than himself must have encouraged this, which is why I agree with you about him not being “kidlike” and happy :-X

bahahahaha you guys cannot be serious…

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That’s not actually the angle I’m coming from. Yoyo lacks the prestige and money potential of sports or academics, so I don’t think he’s necessarily being pressured by outside forces (though that’s not implausible). I don’t doubt that the kid enjoys yoyoing. I just suspect that it’s one of the only positive things he’s got in his life, for reasons external or internal.

I could be completely off base though, and I sure hope I am. Kids learn faster than the rest of us, so it’s not impossible that he could be that good and still live a balanced, healthy life.

Lmao @ this thread
Btw rizki I don’t think the stereotype says “Asians are good at everything”
I think it’s just directed towards some things like skill toys, math, and eating hotdogs fast.

And to get back on topic, as far as YoYoBaby…
I hate whe little kids are better than me at things, no matter the Culture/nation of descent :wink: