yoyo question

do you guys think that people tend to still see yo-yoing as childish? and why or why not?
Also which countries tend to have the “best players” or the more players coming from them?

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  1. USA
  2. Japan
  3. Czech Republic

Those seem to be where most of the players and talent are. Obviously there are yoyoers all over the world, but those stand out as the major ‘hot-spots’, especially the USA (which has the most yoyoers I believe). :slight_smile:

ok yeah i definitely saw the czech republic up on that list. of those three are they all equally as diverse? or do some top others?

All my cousins and friends see yoyoing as childish and it gets me annoyed because they don’t understand how difficult and exciting it can be. I came to the conclusion that, if as a child you never played with a yoyo you will never get to truly understand and appreciate what the yoyo has become today. :slight_smile:

I find the childish perception extremely amusing. Especially since in the earlier days of modern yoing most (not all) of the Professional demonstrators were Men.

I’ve seen 90 year old people eating cotton candy.

We are all children of various ages.

There is a Special word that is often used to describe the condition of people that are completely Free of childlike potential.


The day you reach the child-free state is the same day you die.


everyone has a childish streak… my older brother who is super gruff laughs like a schoolgirl when he rides rollercoasters… i wouldn’t judge them for thinking what you do is childish at least they didn’t give you the annoying “ooh you must be a yoyogod and your so good and thats so hard that i would probably kill myself”… that is way more annoying then someone calling you a kid for what you love…

the best countries are definetely america. czech Republic and Ricardo Fraolinni ( he packs enough amazingness to count for his own country) if he doesn’t count then Japan…

do not be dismayed though at what people think of you… just remembered that they are close minded and dont see the true potential…

The day you reach the child-free state is the same day you die. AMEN!

When the word childish is used, is that supposed to be a bad thing? It sure isn’t to me. If anything, yoyoing keeps me young(er). You only get to be a kid for a short time. Revel in it. If someone tells you that yoyoing is childish, I think you should respond with “It sure IS! You should try it! Maybe it will loosen that stick up your - but anyway…”

Nothing diffuses a so-called insult than owning it. :wink:

When people tell me it’s childish I say, “Thank You.” I then offer to let them try it. Most of the time they won’t. I think the negative things they say are a front, an excuse for not being able to do anything with such a cool toy. People often discredit or discount what they fail to comprehend or can’t do.

I do think that some people see yo-yoing as childish maybe because seeing a yo-yo reminds them of their childhood. But, there are those few people that know of our world and the world of modern yo-yoing.

i would say for countries…

  1. usa
  2. japan
  3. czech republic

for yoyoing being childish, people at school are mixed (some say it is, some beg to differ) although i have the mentality of a 10 year old sometimes, soooooooo…

also, i have a neighbor whos family thinks yoyoing is black magic or something like that…it is confusing.

very confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it also depends on how you present it in front of people. Generally a 25 years old-ish guy who play “simple” tricks, seems to attract people to insult unless the person plays really good, or they are already really old.

  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. None

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Yoyos are some of those toys that one can never simply outgrow, thus not childish. Same goes with RC vehicles, and even Lego. Yes I have all of what I mentioned.

One can think that going to Disneyland and amusement parks are for kids and teens but…there are people of all ages who enjoy going, even to Disneyland.

Fortunately I haven’t received any “childish” comments about yoyos, though I jokingly told my boss after he saw me playing with a yoyo “I can never leave my toys…” He then looked at me and said “Oh, no worries, I have my toys too!”

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I am a 14 year old young man whom found yoyoing childish before I found enjoyment in yoyoing and didn’t know what it REALLY was. I thought yo-yoing was a game you would play as a kid. To look at it now I was wrong and really, its a lot more than what people stereotypically think. When adults See me yoyo they just say “wow, you’re really good at that, I could’ve never done that when I was younger, I would’ve never thought to have done that with a yoyo.” When I hear that it makes me feel good inside. But I don’t think that people realize that yo-yoing isn’t a game until they actually discover what it really is.

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I have encountered multiple friends of mine that say that they think yoyoing is childish. I disagree with them, always, and continue on my adventure with a yoyo.

That is why all my yoyos are invited to my birthday party and not those friends. :smiley:


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One of my favorite quotes/ toasts:
“Here’s to a lifetime of complete disregard for age-appropriate developmental milestones”

I know this is a farfetched idea but over the past week, there as an 8-year-old girl that went missing and was found dead in a dumpster… The sick person that killed her turned out to be a 15-year-old kid and was actually an avid yoyo enthusiast…with this said, it would be pretty bad if people began to associate yoyo players with sociopath murderers.

I’ve read an article about that, and it doesn’t say anything about him being a yoyo enthusiast. Are you sure?